Paru le 30 Déc. 2014
ISBN 978-2-07-014778-6
208 pages
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  Les impudiques

De beaux restes
La Société des Amis de Clémence Picot
Canal Tamagawa
Ton petit manège
Les centenaires
Jours de chance
  Philippe Adam
  « Vous êtes une oreille. On vous raconte des choses. On vous confie des secrets. L’un voudrait léguer son phallus à la science, l’autre a un faible pour sa dentiste, lui se masturbe sept fois par jour, elle rêve de s’offrir au premier passant venu. Vous n’allez bien sûr rien répéter. On compte sur vous. On a tort. »

Loin des clichés du lyrisme érotique et de la vogue hard sentimentale, Les impudiques aborde sans détour les stupeurs et misères de l’indiscrétion sexuelle. Au fil de leurs confidences, Philippe Adam partage avec ses personnages tendresse et humour noir pour rendre compte, d’aventures mirifiques en éblouissants fiascos, du sexe et de ses usages.

After examining the effects of winning the lottery, Philippe Adam chose to focus on sexual indiscretions. “Sometimes we receive sexual confidences from relatives or acquaintances, suddenly taken with a strange need to confide. We listen to these confidences both with great curiosity but also great discomfort. Les impudiques [The Indiscreets] is like an echo of this disorder.”
The book offers almost 450 real or invented testimonies, in three lines or one page. Most of these microfictions are self contained; others are emerging serials (such as “The Village” which follows the arrival a Chinese woman in a village where only men live) or series (such as “The First Time” in which a woman recites memories of her partners).
As often in the bittersweet world of Adam, the characters are failing to realise their desires. But not all the situations describe frustration in chastity or happiness in hyper-consumption. Instead he finds something disturbing, an in-between world, far from the stereotypes of eroticism or safe and trendy porn for mums. From one story to the next, we follow the sexual secrets of unhappy characters and their ordinary fiascos, told in a trivial and even raw manner, but always with empathy and humor. The offbeat perspective of Philippe Adam offers tenderness for our unremarkable humanity.

“A fierce kaleidoscope of fantasies which raises the question of just what we look for sex, and in novels. (...) With these microfictions protected by the secrecy of this confessional-book, we no longer know who speaks and who fantasies. A contagious book.” (Grazia – Marguerite Baux )

“Through a serie of fragmentary confidences which are all microfictions, [...]
Les impudiques can be readas a crazy literary version of the Kinsey Reports, the work carried out on sexuality in the 50s.” (Les Inrockuptibles – Elisabeth Philippe)